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Joy Hoover – Esoes Cosmetics

The Lipstick Revolution: How Esoes Cosmetics is Saving Lives

Small business owners face many challenges and obstacles on their journey to success. In the Small Business Talk podcast, host Kri Edholm speaks with entrepreneurs about the hard and challenging aspects of entrepreneurship. In this episode, Kri welcomes Joy Hoover, founder of Esoes Cosmetics, to discuss her entrepreneurship journey and her passion for helping others.

Joy Hoover founded Esoes Cosmetics in 2021 with the goal of using Beauty Science and Technology to create patent-issued smart safety cosmetics. The company’s mission is to fight against drug-facilitated sexual assault and violence, a problem that has plagued society for ages. Joy’s family is heavily involved in the business, with her husband serving as the Chief Experience Officer and her two daughters holding titles as the Chief Kindness Officer and Chief Fun Officer.

Tune in as Joy shares her motivation for starting the venture and discusses the process of developing and launching their product, which includes lipstick with roofie test strips, a panic button, and a safety app. She also talks about the challenges of fundraising and obtaining a patent. This insightful conversation highlights the importance of perseverance, authenticity, and community engagement in entrepreneurship.

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